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2011 Festival of Architecture

(9 years ago)
[ May 24, 2011 to May 27, 2011. May 24, 2011 to May 27, 2011. ] Presented by the Architectural Institute of British Columbia and Architecture Canada | RAIC the 2011 Festival of Architecture will take place May 24 to 27th in Vancouver, Canada. The 2011 Festival of Architecture, will take a sharp look at…

Volunteer Outreach Opportunities with AIA New Orleans

(9 years ago)
The AIA New Orleans chapter will offer three volunteer outreach opportunities for the upcoming 2011 AIA National Convention attendees and supporters. Convention-goers and the interested public can volunteer prior to and after the Convention, which is scheduled for May…

The Suncrest Residence by Heliotrope Architects

(9 years ago)
Splendide villa alliant à merveille l’architecture contemporaine et la proximité avec une nature laissée presque sauvage, un très gros coup de coeur pour la superbe « Suncrest Residence », une très belle maison imaginée par le studio Heliotrope

Ultraviolence – Mars

(9 years ago)
Réalisé par Jason Freites aka Digital-Miracle en collaboration avec une équipe technique principalement composée d’amateurs et un budget quasi-nul mais de la motivation à revendre, un petit clin d’oeil pour l’excellent clip vidéo du

Zephyros Villa by Koutsoftides Architects

(9 years ago)
Koutsoftides Architects designed the Zephyros Villa in Pomos, Cyprus. . Zephyros Villa by Koutsoftides Architects “The shadow of your project is captured in the landscape, so you must first hearken it” said Renzo Piano. From the early stages of the elaboration of the sketches we had in mind these words of the great architect. We [...]

2012 Bentley Continental GT - Details

(9 years ago)
An “Orange Flame” 2012 Bentley Contintental GT was dropped off for the weekend ~ and it is one seriously bright car. It is especially gorgeous in the stunning sunshine this weekend! If you recall, the Continental GT even inspired the shape of the case of the 007 Carte Blanche Limited Edition. Having peeked into the Bentley Factory via Ultimate Factories, it’s been fun to leisurely poke at all the tiny details… with Imperial Blue Leather and orange contrast stitching, logos hidden just about everywhere you may not have even imagined, fun knobs and compartments, there’s much to explore, and so many beautiful details as you dive deeper. SO! I thought i’d share my favorites with you ~ take a peek at the little design details tucked all around this new 2012 Bentley Contintental GT on the next page!p.s.The image above ~ i adore the way the windows create such a sleek opening when down…TO PAGE 2 of "2012 Bentley Continental GT - Details"! -----> (Want more visual goodness? See +
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