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Sessions @ The Dieline Conference: Terri Goldstein

(8 years ago)
 Who She Is...Founder and principal at The Goldstein Group, Terri is a passionate entrepreneur and Visual Brand Strategist who restaged over 200 of America’s most beloved brands in the course of her career. At the core of her branding philosophy is the proprietary Shelf Sight SequenceTM that reveals how the mind retains visual information while shopping and how to unleash this knowledge to drive purchase intent. By applying a delicate balance of informed insight and vibrant intuition, Terri develops new directions and designs that can be seen, felt and readily understood by consumers in the retail environment. The result? Visual identities and package designs that breathe new life into brands.

Longview Vineyard: The Piece Shiraz

(8 years ago)
Wine with a story that will develop year by year through street art like this 2011 version featuring Vans The Omega.


(8 years ago)
"One designer, two production guys, and a mailroom clerk from Landor decided that the company should pay for their beer, so they headed for the loading dock and started their own brewery.

Get Out! Swingrest by Dedon

(8 years ago)
You’ve heard about Nestrest – a fan favorite here on Design Milk and now, Dedon has introduced Swingrest! Swingrest by Daniel Pouzet, is like Nestrest except that the top has been chopped off so you can enjoy the sunshine. You can use Swingrest outside and inside (if you can fit it through your doorway!). I [...]