Design archive for 2012-05-16

Summer’s Best Swimsuits Are Here

(8 years ago)
Summer time is almost here, which means its time to transition out of your windbreaker and into your bikini. This mix of techno tropical blends, sexy cutouts, and flirty frills are sure to make you stand out on the sand. Get a glimpse of our favorite new swimsuits of the season – that weren’t in [...]

Unboxing the BIG Jambox

(8 years ago)
The BIG Jambox from Jawbone is here! and much like its tinier predecessor, the Jambox, (which we unboxed poolside over a year ago) - if you order it from Jawbone themselves, the packaging is FAR more fun than what you’ll see in retail stores… playful graphics adorn the cardboard box vs the clear plastic cases that showcase the product in stores. So, what’s fun about the BIG Jambox vs the Jambox? As the name says, it’s bigger ~ but also has bass, 15 hours of battery life, play/pause/skip buttons, and their new LiveAudio. While we love having the little Jambox for running around and even in the bathroom to bluetooth music while in the shower… the BIG one, is perfect for the kitchen or outside in the yard… and they both make for the perfect conference call mic/speaker! Head to the next page to see the full unboxing and a size comparison between the BIG and small!TO PAGE 2 of "Unboxing the BIG Jambox"! -----> (Want more visual goodness? See +

Baeza Town Hall by Viar Estudio

(8 years ago)
Patchy timber shields the glazed upper storeys of this town hall extension in southern Spain by architects Viar Estudio. (more…)