Design archive for 2012-06-05

Camper Osaka by Nendo

(8 years ago)
Japanese designers Nendo have designed a shoe store where the shoes walk around the store on their own. (more…)


(8 years ago)
Die Marionette macht es vor, die einzelnen Teile werden durch Gelenke und Fäden miteinander verbunden und wenn ein Teil fehlt, fällt alles in sich zusammen. Das Prinzip von “Marionet” ist so ähnlich, alle Einzelteile müssen richtig miteinander interagieren, damit der Beistelltisch richtig funktioniert und vor allem stabil steht. Link: Marionet

Hotelifying Your Bathroom

(8 years ago)
This post is presented by HomeAway. Discover the world’s largest selection of vacation home rentals with Let’s stay together. One of my favorite things about traveling has always been hotel bathrooms and amenities. With such variety in bathroom fixtures and shower designs it always feels like shopping and testing bathroom layouts and details for my future home design… and the same goes for amenities! You get the chance to test so many different scents and brands and products as you bounce from hotel to hotel. So while surprise toiletries are often a hotel luxury, when doing a vacation rental, there’s no reason to forego the playful newness and experimentation of toiletries! So instead of packing your usuals and making mini bottles of everything currently in your bathroom, why not have a little fun and grab a set from an awesome brand you’ve been curious about? On the next page i’ve rounded up some favorites, some i’m curious about, and an awesome site that’s bound to have something you’ve yet to try! TO PAGE 2 of "Hotelifying Your Bathroom"! -----> (Want more visual goodness? See +