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(8 years ago)
Designed by Arcadebox | Country: United States “Tomoka is the legendary schooner Captain Bill McCoy used for rum-running, also known as bootlegging, during the time of prohibition. Tomoka was one of the most famous rum-runners and as McCoy became famous for never watering his booze and only selling top brands, Tomoka is often associated with [...]

Beautifully Wrapped Chocolate Bars

(8 years ago)
Today’s obsessive research has been on chocolate ~ chocolate BARS to be precise… and the beautiful packaging delicious artisanal goodness comes in. Ready to see what i’ve found? To the next page! Know of any i’ve missed and should try? Leave a comment!TO PAGE 2 of "Beautifully Wrapped Chocolate Bars"! -----> (Want more visual goodness? See +