Design archive for 2012-08-19

20 Years of Cartoon Network

(8 years ago)
Home and cleaning through things after the last month of nearly non-stop travel, found this Cartoon Network 20th anniversary poster from SD Comiccon ~ can you believe its been 20 years?!?!?! And even crazier ~ can you find all the characters in the poster? Larger view of the poster and the check list on the next page!TO PAGE 2 of "20 Years of Cartoon Network"! -----> (Want more visual goodness? See +

Cliclounger set Miami by Alexander Pelikan (D)

(8 years ago)
The Clic furniture by Alexander Pelikan works without classical joints – as the onomatopoetic name describes, the furniture can be snapped in with a locking mechanism. This enables the combination of materials with very different physical qualities, such as glas and wood. The development of these locking joints became only possible by working together with [...]

Orbital Light

(8 years ago)
Durch den Einsatz von LED Technik werden so großartige Ideen wie “Orbital Light” umsetzbar. Die beiden Metallringen sind jeweils auf der Innenseite mit einem leuchtenden Band durchzogen und verteilen so ihr helles Licht dezent im Raum. Der innere Ring kann gedreht werden und beeinflusst so das Licht des äußeren Ringes. Die skulpturale Anmutung der Pendelleuchte, [...]