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10 Favorite Spots up the CA Coast

(7 years ago)
This post is sponsored by Merrell shoes and clothes.  For more great ways to enjoy the California outdoors, check out the Merrell blog for information on their Vendemmia Collection inspired by the grape harvest. As a born and raised Angeleno ~ since walking the few blocks to the beach in Santa Monica with my parents as a toddler, nothing has ever felt more calming and invigorating that being near (or in!) the ocean… especially the pacific! Even during college and on and off in San Diego, i bounced through various apartments and houses that seldom left me far from the beach… When living in San Francisco, as brisk and foggy as the beach was, we always went regularly! And now, having my home base be back in LA the last few years, the beach is merely a roll down the hill once again… and whenever i need to clear my head i usually hop in my car, and depending on the amount of time i have - head up/down along the 1, aka Pacific Coast Highway which spans up and down the California coast. While often, heading up to SF or down to SD means hopping the 5/405, whenever time permits, nothing beats taking your time cruising along the ocean as closely as possible! The rolling sound of the waves, the sparkling sea right beside you, that smell of fresh ocean air makes you forget everything (even if you’re in traffic!) and just enjoy the beauty of the moment!So when Merrell approached us to share some of our California outdoor loves, it seemed like the perfect[..]