Design archive for 2012-11-25

Cultivar Taggiasca

(8 years ago)
Designed by Paolo Varratta Design Consultant | Country: Italy “Sacone is a small farm located in the Riviera Ligure. It’s a family company that is growing thanks to the great passion of owners and offers high quality products. The Extra Vergine Olive Oil “Cultivar Taggiasca” is probably one of the best olive oils available on the market. The [...]

Dan & Dave Playing Card Canister

(8 years ago)
Designed by Dan & Dave | Country: United States “These new playing card canisters were inspired by U.S. military ammunition boxes and have been designed to house 12 decks of playing cards. Made from a high grade metal and feature a clasp and handle for safe and easy transport and storage of your playing cards. [...]

Orchard House by Studio Octopi

(8 years ago)
This courtyard house in the south-west of England by architects Studio Octopi integrates flush thresholds and wide doorways as subtly as possible, so that no one would notice it was specifically designed for a resident in a wheelchair (+ slideshow). (more…)