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LED ASB GlassFloor Court

(7 years ago)

The Encanto Hotel, Mexico

(7 years ago)
January 15th, 2013 - In the Encanto Hotel, the potential for amazement is constant. Architect Miguel Angel Aragonés designed the hotel, which is settled on the cliff side of Acapulco, with complete concentration and relaxation in mind. Aragonés took every little detail into thought while he designed the stunning 44 suite hotel, specifically the spiritual [...]

The Lodha Fiorenza Gets A Little Jagger Eccentricity

(7 years ago)
January 15th, 2012 – Maybe her ability to effortlessly arrange bold colors together started at a young age? Perhaps she developed an eye  for color as a child when her jet setting mother would drop her off to be baby sat by Andy Warhol, in his infamous Factory art studio. It was he who famously [...]