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Torres Sangre de Toro Toy Bulls

(7 years ago)
Happy Meals come with toys… kid’s cereal comes with toys… but this is the first WINE i’ve seen that comes with fun toys! While in Sitka, AK at Ludvig’s Bistro, we had Torres’ Sangre de Toro and it came with a little plastic bull toy adorned on the side! It got even more interesting when the second bottle arrived, and the bulls were different! Then the waitress gave us a third from their house bottle, and it was different too! On the back of each bull is a number, and so far, we’ve seen them go up to 7, but who knows how many there are? Can you line them all up on a disc and spin them to animate a running bull? Also, out of curiosity i picked up another bottle at Bevmo when home, and between that and quick internet searches, it looks like the bulls and the ways they are attached evolve regularly. Take a peek at the bulls and packaging shifts up close on the next page!TO PAGE 2 of "Torres Sangre de Toro Toy Bulls"! -----> (Want more visual goodness? See +

Workshop in the Attic by PL.architekci

(7 years ago)
The architects of Polish studio PL.architekci have created a new studio for themselves inside a disused loft in Poznan (+ slideshow). (more...)

Chetham's Music School by Stephenson: ISA Studio

(7 years ago)
A grand top-lit atrium forms an entrance to concerts, recitals and classrooms at this music school in Manchester by local architects Stephenson: ISA Studio (+ slideshow). (more...)

Reflexiones Photography

(7 years ago)
Déjà présenté à de très nombreuses reprises sur TrendsNow, petit retour sur les excellents travaux du photographe allemand Matthias Heiderich avec  »Reflexiones », une impressionnante série de clichés d’architecture aussi originale que colorée.Plus de détails en images dans la galerieCredits & copyright Matthias Heiderich…
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