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Early Childhood Centre in Wassenaar by Kraaijvanger

(6 years ago)
Rotterdam studio Kraaijvanger has added two new buildings to a school in a suburb of the Dutch capital, The Hague, with pitched roofs and rustic materials that reference the site's original role as a farm (+ slideshow). (more...)

Fire Island Pines Pavilion: Rebuilding Fire Island’s legendary Pavilion dance club

(6 years ago)
September 9th, 2013 – Living in New York City is likely to cause bouts of cabin fever. When the constant buzz of the city won’t ease up, New Yorkers are lucky to be only a short car ride away from a variety of beautiful weekend destinations, one of which is Fire Island. Following a devastating […]

Deus Street Tracker 1200

(6 years ago)

Container #1: Hot & Cold

(6 years ago)
Wow. Here is the unboxing of the first edition of CONTAINER from ARTOMATIC. “A new publication about the nature and culture of objects — a magazine that takes the idea of varying content from different contributors beyond the standard format of a printed book.” This first issue , #1: Hot&Cold is a fascinatingly fun theme, and all the artists/contributors took varying twists on the theme in a variety of mediums! The result has been my desk covered in fascinating objects that i seem to notice new details in every time i poke at them further… and all encased in… a CONTAINER, in this case, a styrofoam mini ice chest of goodies (how appropriate?)This first edition of CONTAINER is limited to 200, and each is individually numbered and signed by each contributor. While i’ve been fascinated by this collection for some time now, the hardest part about writing this post is how much there is in here! Truly this new publication has held my interest (and helped inspire me) far longer than most print mags which i often read through in a few minutes. And beyond what is in the box itself, the digital side is equally fascinating - there is a whole CONTAINER development tumblr, which is an AMAZING look at the random thoughts, design details, and prototypes that lead to the objects in the box now. This one contains objects from Accept & Proceed, James Bridle, Daniel Eatock, Malcolm Garrett, David Hieatt, Leila Johnston, Mother, Rebecca and Mike, Nic[..]

Flower Explosions

(6 years ago)
Découverte de « Rapid Bloom », une excellente série réalisée par Martin Klimas à l’aide de fleurs trempées dans de l’azote liquide qu’il fait ensuite exploser pour un rendu visuel unique.Plus de détails en images dans la galerieCredits & copyright Martin Klimas – via…
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