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Architonic in Basel: Swissbau 2014, Parts 1 & 2

(5 years ago)
Earlier this month Architonic attended the semi-annual Swissbau in Basel, one of the largest construction and real estate tradeshows in Europe with more than 100,000 professional visitors. Here below are two Facebook photo galleries from the show with a selection of the best designs for you to enjoy. Of note, the event took place in […]


(5 years ago)
“I’ve started this post for months…” is how so many text documents that float on my desktop begin. And they are all essentially letters to you (the readers!) and me (to make me face things and admit them out loud?)… yet somehow i write and rewrite them, so this time it’s just going to go right up! Here we go!Things have been quiet here on (but still filling and the others with inspiration constantly!) It’s going to be 9 years in March. Nine years! That feels like an eternity, I can’t imagine my life without the sites. I’ve said it time and time again, but it still holds true - “Having to find one thing that excites and inspires me daily has changed my life.” It has! It still does! It keeps me giddy and excited and thrilled and curious about what i’ll find tomorrow.As for the quietness ~ when some of the once fun parts started to feel more like work than fun, (besides physically realizing i needed to slow down a smidge) i finally realized it was time to step back and reassess things. Reexamine. Refocus. Restart? One of those restart bits was testing out “superposts” (the pages that look like these) as we’ve called them internally on Instead of writing these posts on Movable Type (like this one! On my ancient blog design i have yet to redo in a while…) Dan wrote me some superpost code to try out so we could integrate full length posts into[..]
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