Design archive for 2014-05-04

Fly Factory produces insect pate that "tastes like chicken"

(6 years ago)
Icelandic product design graduate Búi Bjarmar Aðalsteinsson has created a Fly Factory that breeds insect larvae for human consumption. (more...)

New Pinterest board: treehouses

(6 years ago)
A 38 metre high treehouse was popular with readers last week, so we've created a new Pinterest board that collects together treetop dens, hotels and houses from the pages of Dezeen. See our new Pinterest board »Follow Dezeen on Pinterest »

Studio 54 Architecture slots a small home between two London buildings

(6 years ago)
Cedar cladding and brickwork unite the exterior and interior of this two-bedroom house that Studio 54 Architecture has squeezed between two existing properties in north London. (more...)

Disney Research unveils technique to 3D print any object as a speaker

(6 years ago)
Disney's research company is developing a method for printing electrostatic loudspeakers in any shape – with trials including a rubber duck and a spiral. (more...)