Design archive for 2014-09-07

THE Architectes conceals nautical sports base under a grassy beach dune

(6 years ago)
This water-sports facilities building by THE Architectes has been built into the side of a grassy dune to minimise its visual impact on the coastline (+ slideshow). (more...)

Natalie Weinmann's slate furniture "not designed to fit one purpose"

(6 years ago)
The three pieces in the Samt Rau collection by Hamburg-based designer Natalie Weinmann are made from natural stone and solid oak with their potential uses left open to interpretation by the individual (+ slideshow). (more...)

Suppose Design Office creates Hiroshima hotel complex targeted at cyclists

(6 years ago)
Japanese studio Suppose Design Office has converted a seafront warehouse into a specialist cycling centre with a hotel that allows guests to check-in while still on their bikes (+ sideshow). (more...)

New Pinterest board: ceramics

(6 years ago)
We've featured over 150 ceramic projects on Dezeen, so we've collected together the most popular examples and pinned them to a new Pinterest board.Follow Dezeen on Pinterest | See more ceramics on Dezeen