Design archive for 2014-09-28

House W extension by Studio Prototype contrasts stripy cedar with original brickwork

(6 years ago)
This gabled extension to a brick house in the Netherlands was designed by Studio Prototype to mimic the shape of the original property but is clad in an entirely different material. (more...)

Marios Karystios redesigns a classroom for a maths teacher

(6 years ago)
Greek designer Marios Karystios has revamped the schoolroom of a maths teacher, adding brightly coloured furnishings and vintage accessories that aim to make learning more fun (+ slideshow). (more...)

MEJD Studio slices traditional objects in half to create contemporary lighting

(6 years ago)
Bratislava-based MEJD Studio has developed two new lights that look like objects sliced in half – the first features a pendant lamp and bowl that together resemble a water jug, while the second is a table lamp comprising two halves of a brass globe (+ slideshow). (more...)

BB.Suit 0.2 is an outfit that cleans the polluted air

(6 years ago)
Fashion and technology: a Dutch team is presenting a garment that purifies the polluted air surrounding the wearer, at this week's Beijing Design Week. (more...)

New Pinterest board: Austrian architecture

(6 years ago)
Following the popularity of a lakeside home featuring intricately patterned wooden screens, we've collected together spectacular examples of Austrian architecture from the pages of Dezeen and added them to a new Pinterest board.Follow Dezeen on Pinterest | See more Austrian architecture