Design archive for 2014-11-02

Gundry & Ducker's bubble tea cafe features cork seats and stripy paintwork

(5 years ago)
Bubble tea drinkers perch on tiers of cork seating around brightly coloured tables at this London cafe by architects Gundry & Ducker (+ slideshow). (more...)

Anne van Galen designs fashion accessories for a "world with endless rainfall"

(5 years ago)
Dutch Design Week 2014: graduate designer Anne van Galen has created this series of protective headgear and accessories for inhabitants of a fictional world caught in a constant torrential downpour. (more...)

Meike Harde's metal-mesh Hybrid Cabinet displays and protects its contents

(5 years ago)
Dutch Design Week 2014: These cabinets by German designer Meike Harde are made from wire cages to create a "protective environment" for delicate items stored within (+ slideshow). (more...)