Design archive for 2014-11-15

House by Philip Stejskal can be "locked down" with shutters that blend into the facade

(6 years ago)
Australian studio Philip Stejskal Architecture has equipped a white timber extension to a 1890s duplex with shutters and sliding panels that camouflage with the walls when closed. (more...)

Alexandra Stück's Herbal Kneipp Textiles use scent to promote wellbeing

(6 years ago)
Dutch Design Week 2014: these textiles by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Alexandra Stück are infused with different remedial herbal scents to make the wearer feel calm, focused or horny. (more...)

Nigel Stanford makes sound visible for Cymatics music video

(6 years ago)
Music: this video by New Zealand musician Nigel Stanford shows a series of experiments that demonstrate how sound waves affect different types of matter. (more...)

Counter Culture Coffee

(6 years ago)
Designed by Counter Culture Coffee | Country: United States | Pair with: Land by Land “Counter Culture Coffee is pleased to unveil a new look for its products, with bold, colorful designs and biodegradable packaging—along with new product names for four of its six year-round coffees. Debuting on Friday, October 3rd, the update reflects the company’s continual evolution as […]

Norwegian travel documents given a minimal makeover

(6 years ago)
News: Oslo-based Neue Design Studio has won a competition to redesign Norway's passports and ID cards, a month after graphics by Snøhetta were chosen for the country's new bank notes. (more...)