Design archive for 2015-02-07

Director Jonathan Irwin burns 250 hand-made model buildings in Aqualung music video

(5 years ago)
Music: director Jonathan Irwin created a carefully lit model cityscape made of paper that he then set on fire for the finale of Aqualung's Eggshells music video (+ movie). (more…)

S-AR's Casa Caja is a prototype for low-cost homes that can be built by their owners

(5 years ago)
This low-cost concrete block house outside Monterrey was designed and built by its owners, with support from a non-profit social housing project led by local architecture office S-AR (+ slideshow). (more…)

Floating pyramid and wooden tunnel built in the woods by Architectural Association students

(5 years ago)
Two new structures have been erected by students amongst the trees of Hooke Park, England – a translucent pyramid suspended from the branches and a wooden burrow that nestles amongst the trunks (+ slideshow). (more…)

Swing-era trouser braces inform Färg & Blanche's Frankie chair

(5 years ago)
Stockholm 2015: this chair by Swedish-French design duo Fredick Färg and Emma Marga Blanche features a metal frame that mimics the shape of trouser braces. (more…)

SAU Taller de Arquitectura's Casa Migdia features sliding screens and a moveable wall

(5 years ago)
This house in Spain has triple-layer facades that allow varying degrees of light and privacy, and features a bedroom that can be hidden or revealed with the help of a sliding wall. (more…)