Design archive for 2015-05-01

A Magnetic Personality: Flyte the Levitating Light

(5 years ago)
Designer Simon Morris suspends the force of gravity using electromagnetism, levitating wirelessly powered LED bulbs.

Best of Dog Milk: April 2015

(5 years ago)
April's most popular posts Dog Milk include a fun DIY, colorful handmade accessories and more!

Marc Thorpe’s HUSK Seating for the Inside

(5 years ago)
A collection of gradient upholstered chairs inspired by the corn's outer shell.

Desktop Wallpaper: May 2015

(5 years ago)
An inspiring quote from Frank Zappa is illustrated by Casey Kleeb + available for free download for iPhone and desktop wallpaper.

Friday Five with Randy Fiser of ASID

(5 years ago)
A refreshing Friday Five from Randy Fiser that looks at 5 organizations that are making a difference.