Design archive for 2015-07-07

Pure Penmanship

(5 years ago)
The Takumi Pure+ has a ‘+’ sign ahead of it for a reason. Because I “positively” believe that you’ll never come across a pen...


(5 years ago)
The NOUex Razor is the closest you can get to shaving like Wolverine. With its unique approach, you can shave without having to worry...

Time for the future

(5 years ago)
What’s a watch? Something with a screen? Connects to your social networks? No? Can’t relate to it, can you? What about something with hands...

Cook with the world

(5 years ago)
Now here’s something no one ever thought of a Smart Kitchen. Not a kitchen that connects you to the internet, but a kitchen that...

Seeking Your Baby

(5 years ago)
The Baby Seeker is designed to reflect the form of a lamp and is fitted with IP camera for monitoring a baby in its...

Memorie Collection by Maderae

(5 years ago)
Maderae's passion for wood and contemporary design shows in their collection of solid wood pieces.