Design archive for 2015-08-10

Pull Pull Toilet Is So Necessary

(5 years ago)
It’s high time that we stopped taking our trip to the loo for granted. We expect it to be clean, functional and most of...

Electrolux HP+ Encourages Gaming In A Good Way

(5 years ago)
It’s all about connecting the dots and relating to the present generation. Like it or not, children learn a lot more things via the...

Sweet Graphic Design: Mr Printables

(5 years ago)
If you love paper printables and modern design, then Mr. Printables needs to be on your bookmark list!

Outside the Box

(5 years ago)
The Q5 chair is a dedication to the creator of the geodesic dome, Buckminster Fuller. The design language is a clearness of lines and...

Extra Safe in the Blink of an Eye

(5 years ago)
There’s no such thing as too much safety when it comes to motorcycling and the Blink helmet visor offers one additional layer for riders...

AQUA = Audio QUAlity!

(5 years ago)
It may interest you to know that those fancy Beats headphones aren’t really improving the audio quality of your music. Increased bass is usually...