Design archive for 2015-08-11

Sphero SPRK Edition Inspires Next-gen Inventors and Innovators

(5 years ago)
The play-way method is tried and tested and always manages to drive home the point. Using this as the base and weaving in “fun”...

Herman Miller: The Picnic Posters

(5 years ago)
A long time Herman Miller graphic designer revisits his beloved series of Picnic Posters.

A Visit to Drake General Store

(5 years ago)
There might be more than one Drake General Store around Canada, but for good reason. Opened as a companion to the Drake Hotel back in 2008, Drake Genral Store carries everything from well-designed tourist souvenirs to clothing to housewares, all with the design-enthusiast in mind. What started out as a simple hotel shop has turned... Read more »

Hard on the Outside, Soft on the Inside

(5 years ago)
In collaboration with design bureau ODESD2, designer Nikita Bukoros introduces two new object in the “E” furniture series. The 3rd and 4th additions to...

Concrete Art-toys

(5 years ago)
A little bit menacing but a whole lot adorable, UNITED MONSTERS are a creative and artistic collection of toys made from sustainable concrete. With...