Design archive for 2015-08-14

Work/Life Pods Finally Hit America

(4 years ago)
Podzook has brought the Archipod stateside. Say hello to your new bespoke outdoor office!

The Referee Is Always Right

(4 years ago)
Combining the functions of an electronic watch, an indicator, and a whistle, the Time Whistle hopes to be the ultimate match tool for a...

The Magic of Printing

(4 years ago)
The Smart Magic Wand is a smart docking station and doubles up as a portable printer and scanner. It’s the kinda device that makes...

Why Drive When You Can Fly?

(4 years ago)
This one man machine called AirDiv aims to give its driver the most versatile experience whether it’s cabin cruising or an all out (literally)...

Friday Five with Rebecca Wilson of Saatchi Art

(4 years ago)
Art industry veteran Rebecca Wilson of Saatchi Art shares five favorites in this week's Friday Five.

Baby Formula for Dummies

(4 years ago)
BLOBY aims to give new parents a break by minimizing the amount of accessories needed when it comes to feeding time. The easy-to-use formula...