Design archive for 2015-08-18

Lucy the Mood Boosting Solar Powered Robot

(5 years ago)
A hermetically sealed solar powered robot tracks the sun and reflects natural sunlight into any darkened space.

One-of-a-Kind, Handmade Leather Accessories

(5 years ago)
A new batch of one-of-a-kind, handmade leather goods by Dino Sanchez will be dropped once a month.

Roomba grew a handle

(5 years ago)
Jumi is your everything broom. It can clean in both dry and wet modes, and even boasts of a one-handed and an auto-pilot operation...

A Notebook with Remoistenable Glue Patterns

(5 years ago)
A clever notebook that will have you never looking for tape or glue again.

Now… back to your regularly scheduled program… forever!

(5 years ago)
To quote the designer, the Cyber TV was created to “stop the f***ing commercial breaks” that kill the vibe when you’re watching TV! They’re...