Design archive for 2015-08-24

Ferrolic Display Oozes Electromagnetic Personality

(5 years ago)
Powerful electromagnets and a fluid originally designed by NASA as rocket fuel come together alive as a clock like no other.

Twistening and Listening

(5 years ago)
Donut underestimate the AeroTwist speakers! They come in all shapes and sizes. Well, basically one shape, but with its flexible design, you can twist...

Retro-inspired Universal Device Holder

(5 years ago)
STAN is a device holder inspired by the classic desk lamp that allows you to hold virtually any smartphone, tablet, or eReader securely up...


(5 years ago)
Earlier this year we saw a test video with the possibility of touchscreens becoming more tactile. The screen had the ability to rise and...

A Pal at Picnics

(5 years ago)
We don’t often imagine disposable cutlery as being the easiest on the eyes, but Uria Graiver’s Knife & Fork will bring style and convenience...

An Autonomous Neighborhood EV

(5 years ago)
Gigatronik Golf Cart is a design study for the future of neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV). This fully electric golf cart is designed to expand...