Design archive for 2015-09-03

Fresh From The Dairy: Weird Landscapes

(5 years ago)
From altered photographs to completely digital or illustrated places, here are some of our favorite landscape art from Society6.

Idiophone-inspired Audio

(5 years ago)
Inspired by the instrument of the same shape, the Spangle (speaker + triangle) is a minimalist take on wireless audio that maximizes directional sound...

A Show Wherever You Go!

(5 years ago)
The Luma video projector is unlike any other with its super-friendly aesthetic, intuitive controls and total portability! Its minimal size and integrated handle encourage...

FESSURA Launches Limited Edition Sneakers by Karim Rashid

(5 years ago)
A limited edition, modular sneaker collection built from a partnership between Karim Rashid and FESSURA.

A Little Better Ladder

(5 years ago)
Hoisting tools up while you climb a ladder for tall tasks can be not only exhausting but dangerous. Why not keep your entire toolbox...