Design archive for 2015-09-04

Illuminating Oars

(4 years ago)
Pärnu’s Paddle Lamp lights the way on the river shore path in the city of Pärnu, Estonia. The creatives at KEHA3 designed the thematic...

Architecture in fashion

(4 years ago)
Beautiful, isn’t it? You’re looking at the future Yongqing International Clothing City, a self sustaining micro-city sized fashion industry within the Hebei Province in...

That’s one steamy kiss!

(4 years ago)
Tall. Dark. Bittersweet. I could just as well be describing your ideal mate, but I’m not! The Take Kiss Out is a hot beverage...

A Touch of Light and Sound

(4 years ago)
Remember your grandma’s fancy touch lamp that you’d play with as a kid, turning it off and on incessantly?! Well, this isn’t it. This...

Endlessly Modular Lighting

(4 years ago)
Inspired by the naturally interlocking sheaths of the bamboo plant, Bambus is a modular lamp that you can customize by adding modules. Select from...