Design archive for 2015-09-08

Handmade Hardwood & Rope Toys from Monroe Workshop

(5 years ago)
Cool children's toys for kids with cool parents.

Dough Gazebo

(5 years ago)
No. It isn’t the bellow pump from Tom and Jerry that bloats the cartoons up! The Jikka Bread Basket bases itself on the same...

The Clever Kettle

(5 years ago)
Curattle is a personal, portable kettle that helps users not only to heat beverages on-the-go, but to decide what they should drink in the...

The Mini Modular Library

(5 years ago)
Simple called “Library,” this minimal modular shelf system was designed to maximize wall storage specifically for small spaces. The design is based on a...

The Naked Rocket

(5 years ago)
Inspired by the legendary Triumph Rocket, the brand’s 400 MPH endeavor to break the current land-speed record, the Speed Triple Rocket applies the same...