Design archive for 2015-09-11

A Folded Lamp That Looks Good Day or Night

(5 years ago)
A folded lamp with a hidden, colorful pattern on the inside that shows when the light is on.

The Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Is Brighter, More Flexible and Extendable

(5 years ago)
With an array of 1600 lumens LEDs and flexible extendability, the new Hue Lightstrip Plus does everything better than the original.

The Minimalist Wallet that Holds Everything

(5 years ago)
This modern man’s wallet takes inspiration from the sports-industry’s standard for durable, long-lasting products and merges it with a technical form to free up...

To Bench or Not to Bench

(5 years ago)
The Spielbein chair was designed with vertical legs on one side and two tilted ones on the other to solve group seating arrangements. Its...