Design archive for 2015-09-18

Porsche Is On a Mission With Their New Electric Powered Concept

(4 years ago)
Porsche believes you should go fast and far inside its 600-hp four-door electric sports car concept designed to take on Tesla.

Sunglasses Created Through Natural Oxidization

(4 years ago)
Sunglasses that are stylized through a special oxidization process.

Plumen Launches the Drop Hat Shade

(4 years ago)
Plumen's new Drop Hat Lamp Shade instantly gives you a sleek new fixture.

Resurrection of another kind

(4 years ago)
Hey… The father, son, and holy ghost need an upgrade too. Neo-Gothic architecture can get on your nerves after two millennia. WVA Architects (the...

Uncomplicatedly Fashionable

(4 years ago)
Beige is definitely the new black. It goes well with every color you can think of. Not to mention it blends awesomely into both...

Repurpose Over Recycle

(4 years ago)
With consideration to solid waste being a major issue, “Adopt a Product” is a line of home objects that uses the structural qualities of...