Design archive for 2015-09-24

Nest Shelf by Nendo

(4 years ago)
A shelf that can double in size thanks to a whole other shelf that's embedded inside!

Masterpiece Timekeeper – The Vanacci Watch

(4 years ago)
I’m passionate about watches to have once held an hour-long conversation with a German haute horology enthusiast about the mechanism, caliber, complications and the...

Heirloom Headset

(4 years ago)
The 99 Classics headphone by Meze may just be the sexiest headset you’ll see in a while. It’s made out of wood, leather, and...

An Interactive Illumination Creation

(4 years ago)
You’d never know from its simplistic, sculptural aesthetic that the Orion lamp is made almost entirely from the recycled bits leftover from other wood...

Interactive Ella Ella Ella Ay Ay Ay

(4 years ago)
Raincheck is the first umbrella stand with an interactive twist that lets you know what the weather is like BEFORE you go outside. So...

A Hiker Must-have

(4 years ago)
Designed with adventure in mind, Hive is a portable lighting gadget that provides big brightness despite its small size! Totally versatile, it can be...