Design archive for 2015-09-25

A pen for the stroke of a genius

(5 years ago)
Alan Turing was a brilliant man. He designed a machine that could generate, assimilate, and discard a million combinations of alphanumeric data in a...

Stylish Everyday Bags from M.R.K.T.

(5 years ago)
A colorful collection of accessories that feature bold color blocking and streamlined shapes.

Healing Hula-hoops

(5 years ago)
A 2015 Electrolux Design Lab finalist concept, Q.H[Quadruple H] features a unique marriage of functions by combining air purification with exercise. Inspired by Dyson’s...

Evolving Electricals

(5 years ago)
You’d think that by now we would just unite and come up with a single universal plug design. I know world peace and unity...

Your Personal Time Lapse Tool

(5 years ago)
Unleash your creativity with Hobie, the phone accessory designed to make awesome time lapses! All you have to do is pick your perspective, insert...

If the top supercars had a baby…

(5 years ago)
Let’s be honest… the Vensepto concept is a bit schizophrenic. WHAT is it? Well, right now, just a name. One look, however, and you’ll...