Design archive for 2015-10-06

LDF15: Delving deeper into the V&A

(5 years ago)
The Victoria and Albert Museum was once again the “hub” for the London Design Festival with a series of site-specific installations.

Your OCD Will Love This

(5 years ago)
The Lift Up Storage System introduces an entirely new way of organizing and storing your things and keeping them out-of-sight. The system is designed based...

This Sofa will have you drooling!

(5 years ago)
The Re Cinto Sofa’s an award winning piece of furniture, but I love it for an absolutely unrelated reason. From a distance, it looks...

The hoverboard’s big daddy

(5 years ago)
The future’s a really great place for concepts. The future holds no restrictions on how you think, which is why some of the craziest...

The Self Sustaining Kitchen

(5 years ago)
A finalist in the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab competition, Future Kitchen brings a whole new meaning to “farm-to-table” foods by producing fruits and vegetables...

Where Nature Meets Tech

(5 years ago)
AIO merges nature and tech in one desktop unit that serves as a home for both your phone and favorite plants! Carved from one...