Design archive for 2015-10-07

Tutti Frutti: Clever Glass Sculptures from Fabrica

(5 years ago)
Pinch Food Design fell in love with these glass sculptures designed by research studio Fabrica.

A Welcome Closet Monster

(5 years ago)
A finalist in the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab, Voris is the kids’ robot hamper that makes doing the laundry fun! The playful design works...

I’ve got the Power!

(5 years ago)
I think we’ve waited long enough. We’ve lived in a world with too few plug-points and just the most pitiable extension power strips. The...

Move that body!

(5 years ago)
I’m horrible at skateboarding. I always find myself sitting on the sidewalk while the skateboard rolls away from me. The Blair Bodyskate, however, allows...

A Boatload of Uses

(5 years ago)
For sailors, 100s of years have proven that a good nautical knife can mean the difference between sailing safely or being thrown overboard. In...

Up Your Cooking Game!

(5 years ago)
Droponic is a smart kitchen garden that combines cutting-edge technology with beautiful design to simply grow fresh greens. The product is a hydroponic small...