Design archive for 2015-10-08

Roundup: Modern Duvets and Quilts

(5 years ago)
We scoped out modern duvets and quilts perfect for fall and winter to give your bed a fresh, new look.

Fresh From the Dairy: Travel Mugs

(5 years ago)
Travel mugs from Society6! Just in time for the season during which we're constantly drinking a hot beverage!

The Most Versatile Scooter Ever?

(5 years ago)
Tripod is a scooter that functions as more than just a tool for personal mobility and leisure… it also works as a portable platform...

Divine Design!

(5 years ago)
This happens to be my first post about Interior Design, and I’m most certainly stoked, because this stuff is just fabulous! Titled the IK1...

Chair beyond compare

(5 years ago)
You don’t see too many seriously comfortable wooden chairs. For starters, forget the soft bum-surface, the least I could use is an adjustable backrest....

Modern Cooking for Healthy, Happy Kids!

(5 years ago)
A finalist in the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab, Bloom is a one-of-a-kind kettle that utilises steam – an otherwise wasted form of energy –...