Design archive for 2015-10-23

These Graphic Images are Actually Photographs

(5 years ago)
A collection of fashion photos by Erik Madigan Heck that look remarkably like vector art.

Friday Five with Fauzia Khanani

(5 years ago)
New York City-based architect Fauzia Khanani shares what keeps her inspired in this Friday Five.

Inflatable headphones?!

(5 years ago)
Somehow the small earphones haven’t really reached their full potential. I still think that around-ear headphones provide the best listening experience. There’s little to...

Biomimicry in a USB Cord

(5 years ago)
More than just a mobile cord, the Snail Haptor USB Cable features a unique wind-up design that keeps it firmly in place and always...

Mobile Charging Just Got Easier

(5 years ago)
Simply called “Smarter”, this innovative USB adapter can identify the battery level of the mobile phone that is connected and then calculate the required...