Design archive for 2015-10-26

A Custom, Modern Floating House by Friday

(5 years ago)
A modern floating house you can customize to your liking that produces up to 80% of its own energy needs for the year.

Camera Restricta Guarantees Original Instagrams

(5 years ago)
This camera will not allow you to take a photo if too many other shots have already been taken from the same GPS coordinates.

Illuminate Your Home for Fall with American Made Lighting

(5 years ago)
Daylight Saving Time is right around the corner: time to brighten up your home with lighting from some fantastic American brands.

Genius Drinking

(5 years ago)
Introducing, Aquabook – a customizable water bottle in a genuine A5 format that combines convenience, design and sustainability. The idea? Smart people read… and...

The Extreme Urban Fixie

(5 years ago)
Is it a bike? A motorcycle? Confused? That’s the idea behind the KTM ION. The core idea of the concept is to combine the...