Design archive for 2015-10-27

A Sculptural Glass to Protect Your Cocktail

(5 years ago)
Quido is a new type of glassware for modern mixology that aims to keep your drink free of unwanted visitors.

Where I Work: Marcio Kogan of Studio MK27

(5 years ago)
We spoke with influential Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, of Studio MK27, to see how and where he makes it happen.

How To Clean A Cooking Range

(5 years ago)
When you spend as much time around the gas stove as I do, you really learn to appreciate the cleaning products that they sell...

Retro-Modern Honda Gone Hubless

(5 years ago)
James Stumpf’s Honda CB160E pays tribute to the classic Honda 160 in a not-so-subtle way… with a modern electric engine twist. However retro it...

Coffee Just Keeps Getting Better

(5 years ago)
Urb (best name ever?!) is a sustainable herb garden that utilizes the waste produced by coffee shops. Just think about it… all those coffee...