Design archive for 2015-11-10

A San Francisco House for a “Work Hard, Play Hard” Lifestyle

(4 years ago)
An unconventional San Francisco renovation that works for an active family's lifestyle.

Blank Williams Reimagines Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmets as Animals

(4 years ago)
Designer Blank Williams' “The New Order” collection reinterprets the Imperial Stormtrooper helmets for an elephant, rhino, and hippopotamus.

Subatomic Seating

(4 years ago)
The Illusive Stool takes inspiration from the strange world of quantum mechanics and the illusive nature of subatomic particles – specifically, the drawing of...

Art-inspired Hipster Moto

(4 years ago)
The Misija motorcycle is proof that inspiration can come from the strangest of places! You’d never guess that this ultramodern naked style cafe racer...

Sink Your Teeth Into Concrete!

(4 years ago)
The sink gives a peek into your personal style more than any other object in the bathroom! So make it count with the SCOOP...