Design archive for 2015-11-11

Caffeine for the Soul

(4 years ago)
Here in India, we use the phrase “Ghar ka khana” for home made food. There’s a certain comfort in eating food prepared at home,...

Illumination Meets Optical Art

(4 years ago)
Inspired by Victor Vasarely’s Optical Art, the Dana pendant is a lamp that plays with shadows to create an optical illusion of non-objective art....

Go Green, Grow Green!

(4 years ago)
There isn’t a shortage of self watering planters out there. Take a look through Yanko and you’ll find concepts as far as the eye...

Feng Shui-approved Humidifier

(4 years ago)
The water-rounded cobblestone-shaped “Streaming Wisdom” humidifier and its spray represent the ancient Chinese belief that wisdom is tied to mountains and streams. The visible...

The Must-have Auto Accessory

(4 years ago)
You need a phone charger in your car, right? Well… why shouldn’t it do more than just charge considering that it’s always there?! That’s...