Design archive for 2015-11-12

Design for the Soul

(5 years ago)
The “Sight Sound Soul” concept is all about meditation and peacefulness and might even be perceived as an appliance for calming the soul! This...

Putting the Me in Mizu

(5 years ago)
You can either set out to buy furniture that looks artistic, or you can make your own art with your furniture. The Mizu table...

United we charge!

(5 years ago)
You can be a jack of all trades, or excel at doing one thing. That’s one really cool thing about technology. Super-companies spend years...

Finally! FoldFlat Food Storage

(5 years ago)
Take what you know about food storage, put it in your big fat plastic container, and throw it out the window! The FoldFlat tupperware...

A Bike that Weighs as Little as 2 Cats

(5 years ago)
Can you spot the bike in the photo above? Chances are, it wasn’t immediately obvious… and that’s great news for commuters and urban dwellers...

The Clip by Minimalux

(5 years ago)
A minimalist object that can be used for a variety of purposes, like a tie clip, money clip, or even paper clip.