Design archive for 2015-11-16

A Bicycle For Both Occassional and Frequent Bikers

(4 years ago)
A bike that's the best of a cargo bike and city bike combined.

Five Favorites

(4 years ago)
From illustrations to photography to wallpaper, here are a few of our favorite discoveries on the interwebz this month.

Thunderbolts and Lightning!

(4 years ago)
Here’s an important statistic. 96% of people die after being struck by lightning (the remaining 4% do not become superheroes as comics would have...

Bagel-inspired Cable Control!

(4 years ago)
Bagl is a simple cable hub with enough mass to pin down the squirreliest collection of cables, keeping them organized and right where you...

Your phone’s Swiss knife

(4 years ago)
The Binary (clever bit of naming!) is a multi-tool that empowers your phone. It contains two parts that make a whole. Each part has...

The Last Water Bottle You’ll Ever Need

(4 years ago)
Do you know how much water you drink every day? Didn’t think so! Do you know where you left your last water bottle? Didn’t...