Design archive for 2015-11-17

A Lamp Made with the Help of a Robot

(5 years ago)
A UFO-shaped lamp made with a robot that weaves a patterned shade.

A different kind of ‘handmade’

(5 years ago)
Mudra is a Sanskrit word meaning gesture. Hand gestures are a major part of India’s cultural heritage, especially in the performing arts. Dance forms...

Mizu: A Transformable Piece with Fluid, Adaptable Shelves

(5 years ago)
A transformable piece of furniture whose fluid shelves adapt based on what you place on them.

Fluid Furniture

(5 years ago)
Nature-inspired design is quite a popular tool in the designer’s arsenal. Most designs are inspired by nature and natural phenomena. Some choose to celebrate...

A Stellar Lighting Solution

(5 years ago)
Inspired by the constellation of the same name, the Casiopea floor lamp is not only a lighting solution to work under but a stylish...

Stylin’ Stoves To Cozy Up To

(5 years ago)
With autumn in full swing, the Solzaima TEK Collection of stoves offers 6 cohesive yet independently unique ways to heat your home and cozy...