Design archive for 2015-11-26

Batea: A Side Table with a Serving Tray

(5 years ago)
A table that adds more function by incorporating a removable tray that rests on top.

Happy Sleep To You

(5 years ago)
Now I don’t mean to freak yo out but every illness, ailment has its roots in a lack of proper sleep. A disturbed sleep...

Materials-Focused Works by Sam Linders

(5 years ago)
Sam Linders presents two new designs that focus on materials.

Bathtub = Thinner than your iPad

(5 years ago)
Yes. If you look hard enough on the internet, you’ll find the absurd. Now that’s not necessarily bad. Sometimes you’ll be surprised at how...

The best bike you’ll see this year

(5 years ago)
This week’s absolute gold for cyclists! We’ve already got three articles about two-wheelers up and here’s one to absolutely top them all! Voted as...