Design archive for 2015-12-09

10 Modern Cabin Designs

(5 years ago)
Cabins these days buck the trend of just being homely structures used for protection against the elements - they're beautiful and modern.

Pen – Fluff = Uno

(5 years ago)
If this pen was any more minimal, it would just be a refill. The Pen Uno is being touted as the most minimal pen...

Premium Plumbing

(5 years ago)
I don’t think I’m the only one, but I have an absolute aversion to drainage holes in the bathrooms. I refuse to bathe if...

Sink into Sitskie!

(5 years ago)
At first glance, Los Angeles-based design studio Sitskie’s “Block” collection of furniture looks hard like most wood furniture, but take a seat and you’ll...

The Future of Skateboarding is UP

(5 years ago)
Hover boards are all the rage this Christmas, but none quite like the Stellar Hover Board. It’s a new, futuristic concept of a hovering...

A Perfect Place to Perch

(5 years ago)
With lovely spring colors and a unique vertical design, the Piou birdhouse make for an interesting outdoor decoration as well as a comfortable home...