Design archive for 2016-02-08

The MonoCircus Manta iPhone Case Finds Oceanic Inspiration

(4 years ago)
Japanese 3D-printed wearables boutique MonoCircus found inspiration in the sea creature, the manta, for their uniquely shaped iPhone case.

A Modern Umbrella Stand by Seaton Mckeon & DesignByThem

(4 years ago)
DesignByThem approached Seaton Mckeon to design a modern umbrella stand that can be used both indoors or outdoors.

A Spin on Vinyl

(4 years ago)
An ode to analog record players of the past, the Back to Vinyl series of players are a modern take that will add style...

Your music-minion

(4 years ago)
Don’t be fooled. These aren’t headsets. They’re portable audio alright, but with a ‘twist’. The MusicWrap is your dedicated audio-minion that packs powerful stereo...

A New Breed of Bag

(4 years ago)
The Standard Pacific Rucksack and Weekender bags are designed to bring the world of adventure, travel, business and street wear together! A sleek leather...

The Branch Bench

(4 years ago)
The Branca family of seating earns its namesake from the inverted symmetry of its structural support. At a glance, it’s seemingly irregular, but focus...