Design archive for 2016-02-12

American Rag x CLAE Hoffman Sneakers Find Inspiration in the SoCal Landscape

(4 years ago)
A Los Angeles collaboration between footwear brand CLAE and American Rag result in a sneaker inspired by the colors of the SoCal landscape.

A Stool Made From Only One Sheet of Plywood

(4 years ago)
A design graduate shows much promise with his award-winning design, Ply Stool.

The Future of Urban Kitchens

(4 years ago)
Welcome to the age of micro-living, where in metropolitan areas, people are opting for smaller floor plans in exchange for greater financial freedom. Cooking...

Notifications Objectified!

(4 years ago)
The ‘Ombre Chinoise’ as curious as it sounds, does something unusually pleasant. It “materializes notifications”. In a world where we need an app to...

Crafty Crates for Stylish Cyclists

(4 years ago)
There’s no better way than a PaperSpokes crate to transform your bicycle from a simple mode of transportation to a functional cargo carrier! A...

The Disappearing Shower

(4 years ago)
Designed for micro-living, the My Rups Folding Shower is the first of its kind. Like a giant cocoon crafted in impermeable fabric, users can...