Design archive for 2016-02-16

Light & Sound Installation Encourages You to Be The Creator

(4 years ago)
HUSH designed an interactive project that lets users manipulate prisms to bend and reflect light while also producing an ambient soundtrack.

Wallpaper Made From Pencil Drawings That Look Three-Dimensional

(4 years ago)
Front Design partnered with Eco Wallpaper on a collection of wallpapers that feature pencil drawings that look three-dimensional.

Five Favorites

(4 years ago)
This month's handful of faves feature a cool selection of finds from auto technology to mind-bending art.

DRAFT The roar of the Phantom

(4 years ago)
I’ve officially hit the mother lode of audio devices. The Devialet Phantom is the pinnacle of audio engineering. It can’t be beaten. Coming from...

Ultimate Bachelor Crockery

(4 years ago)
Given the theme of Bachelorhood (my previous article being about the bachelor’s favorite Multikettle) the next must-have for any bachelor dining space is the...

One kettle’s better than two. Seriously!

(4 years ago)
No, I’m not having a stroke. The Multikettle concept by Jang Younghee ensures you won’t need two kettles. Designed to be a bachelor’s paradise,...