Design archive for 2016-03-15

Fluid Furniture

(4 years ago)
Sometimes it’s okay to put functionality aside and just build something that is elaborate and larger than life. I see the Bionic chair aligning...

Modularize Anything!

(4 years ago)
While home sizes shrink, the need for cleverly designed space-saving furniture grows! The result of an exploration into collapsible furniture, “Major Tom” is a...

Lushna Villa: Tiny Shelters for Glamping

(4 years ago)
Lushna designs and builds these modern, tent-like shelters to put on your property to house guests, start a campground, or a glamping hotel.

Daily reminders you’ll love

(4 years ago)
The Oqloq may look like an uber-minimal timepiece but the designers want you to know that it’s not! For instance, the face may have...

A lamp that gives you control

(4 years ago)
The Vara looks like a headless BB-8 Droid holding a lightsaber. Now that I got that description out of my system, let’s talk more...

Top-Notch Task Lighting

(4 years ago)
If you work from a desk, you know the surface is an ever-changing landscape that can go from clean-minimalist to a total disaster area...