Design archive for 2016-03-29

The K100 + 1

(4 years ago)
You’re probably wondering what the K101 is. You’ve heard of the BMW K100, but not the K101. The K101 is the handcrafted child of...

A Parallel Universe Jaguar

(4 years ago)
‘Cars of the future’ should be a legitimate automotive category. The Jaguar Naked concept takes inspiration from naked motorcycles. The front has a clean...


(4 years ago)
Medicinal Syrup bottles look daunting. Scary names, ominous looking liquid, and the bottle’s no-nonsense shape makes medicine consumption look like a scary ordeal. There’s...

DIY Machines That Recycle Plastic into Objects

(4 years ago)
Dave Hakkens designed DIY machines that will help turn unwanted plastic into usable objects or raw materials.

More Minimal Than Ever – The ⅛” Wallet

(4 years ago)
Good Design is about perfecting and providing better solutions to an existing design and until recent times, we hardly ever saw any of that...

Everything But the Wings

(4 years ago)
Designed in collaboration with watchmakers Bell & Ross, the AeroGT is a super car inspired by aviation, connecting the brand with its aeronautic roots....